Selecting a cricket bat is a very personal choice but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy online. The cricket bats shape, performance, pick up, grade of English willow, size, weight, sticker decals and finally the price are all factors that cricketers need to consider. Alongside this there are also several other questions to answer such as

How am I going to be using my cricket bat? Is it for netting practice or club/league/county cricket?

How important is batting to me? Am I an opening batter, mid order, all-rounder or out and out bowler?

What is my style of play? Do I play off the front-foot or back-foot?

What conditions do I bat in? Do the cricket wickets I play on have a low bounce or high bounce?

This may feel a little overwhelming at first, but you can answer many of these questions by thinking about your play. Once you have concluded you can seek advice from our website information pages where we can help on.

Cricket Bat Shapes | See our Cricket Bat Shapes for more information.

Size | See our Size Guide for more information.

Price | See our Size Guide for more information.

English Willow Grades | See our Size Guide for more information.

Cricket bat selection is important, and our website is designed to simplify the process. You can buy online by looking at your specific specifications and matching these to our products or you can get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can also come down to our workshop anytime during our opening hours and one of the team will be on hand to assist you – No appointment necessary.