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Made to your specifications

Why not have a finest handmade cricket bat customised to
suit your own unique requirements and playing style.

Specify everything you need to get your made-to-measure bat including weight, profile, handle shape and blade length.

Your cricket bat will be handcrafted from the very finest English willow by our expert craftsman at our cricket bat factory in Hampshire, England.

Next Steps

For more information on our custom made bats call us on 01256 397499 or email your exact specifications to

Custom made cricket bat service price:
FREE plus the price of your chosen cricket bat.

Made By Hand Cricket Bats

the finest custom made bats

cricket bat builder

As every cricketer knows, your cricket bat is the most important piece of cricketing equipment in your kit bag.

The aim of the Chase Cricket bat builder, is to give you the opportunity to create the perfect cricket bat specifically designed by you and handcrafted by us.

Our cricket bat builder option delivers a customised and personalised cricket bat that is centred around your specifications. Handcrafting a custom made cricket bat is normally reserved for the professional cricketer, so step into their shoes today and design your ultimate cricket bat. All our cricket bats come fully knocked with anti scuff sheet and rubber toe guard.

Our custom made bat builder is currently under maintenance. Please email with your exact requirements.

Cricket bat builder service price: FREE plus the price of your chosen cricket bat.