There is no substitute for a traditionally handcrafted cricket bat...

Chase Cricket is an authentic cricket bat maker with exceptional craftsmanship at its core.

We provide the finest quality handmade cricket bats suitable for the best players in the world. We bring excellent cricketing knowledge, with professional craftsmanship techniques to produce bats that perform outstandingly on the field.

Made By Hand Cricket Bats


We handcraft our cricket bats using traditional methods both from the past and present to ensure our bats are suitable for the highest level of the game and can meet the demands of modern-day cricket. Our cricket bats are made from the finest willow, grown in the southeast of England. Our cricket bats are beautifully balanced, they look exceptional, and perform where it matters.

Our bats makers have designed each cricket bat to ensure it meets its optimal performance level. The bat profiles are industry leading, and this is reflected in the design and performance. Great attention is taken on every process to ensure our cricket bats are beautifully balanced. By manufacturing on site at our cricket bat workshop in Hampshire we can offer a unique artisan cricket bat that is desired by many. 

Our cricket bat makers ensure that each bat is individually crafted with the same care no matter what the grade of English willow. Our handcrafting methods ensure the best possible outcome for that blade, to ensure it is able to fulfil its full potential as required by any level of cricket player. 


We also offer a replica service so we can recreate your favourite blade. Our custom-made option allows you to set your exact requirements and have a cricket bat handcrafted in line with your specifications. There is no additional cost for these services. 



We source all the materials, except for the handle, from the UK. Each cleft of willow is sourced from plantations around the South East, the twine is purchased from Glasgow and the sticker decals are manufactured in High Wycombe. 

Our products can be purchased online or by telephone and our workshop is open to visitors, with no appointment necessary.

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