Traditional Craftsmanship

Since 1996, from our workshop in the heart of the Hampshire countryside, Chase Cricket has been designing and handcrafting the very finest cricket bats for young and old in all levels of the game.

Established 1996 I reimagined 2007

our story

Having acquired the company from England cricket legend Robin Smith, Dan’s vision was to position Chase Cricket as an authentic, artisan cricket bat manufacturer that would excel in every domain.

Dan's passion is to showcase the art of cricket bat making. The process of handcrafting cricket bats is something revered by so many cricketers. It requires complete dedication and a desire for excellence

This vision has become a reality. Dan has developed a team of bat makers who are passionate about being the best and despite making thousands of bats every year, they continue to take the upmost care when handcrafting each individual cleft. They are perfectionists, wired to focus on every fine and integral detail.

the chase cricket journey

innovation and expansion

Whilst Chase Cricket remains dedicated to these
principles, we continue to innovative and expand without compromising on our core values. Our reputation for providing high performing, beautifully crafted cricket bats grows daily and these highly sought after cricket bats can be found both at our workshop in Hampshire and at the best cricket specialist retailers in the country.

The business continues to expand. A huge workshop redevelopment carried out this year allows us to increase both our workforce and production.

cricket kit FLC elite pro level

ppe compulsory legislation

leading the market in protective equipment

In 2021 we went though and passed the new mandatory
testing for cricket pads and gloves. We were the first company in the UK to have our products tested and certified, thus setting the standards for safety within the cricket industry.  All protective cricket equipment including pads and gloves must be tested in line with new safety standards and can no longer be self-certified by manufacturers. They are bound by law to have each individual product safety tested and certified by an external company,
accredited by the British Standards Institute.

Find out more about compulsory testing here (Link)

Our philosophy

Our willow, the finest salix alba caerulea, is sourced locally, allowing us to pay close attention to the weight and grain structure of each cleft. Only the finest willow is selected to become a Chase cricket bat. Throughout the manufacturing process, every bat is meticulously checked, ensuring that no Chase bat leaves the workshop unless it meets our high standards.