Chase Cricket offer a bespoke service normally reserved
 only for the professional cricketer.

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In partnership with you

Our bespoke service is extremely popular with cricket players of all ages who trust in our expertise and craftsmanship.

By appointment, our skilled craftsmen work with you to create your perfect cricket bat. Having chosen your willow cleft, our bat makers will help you find your preferred shape and ideal pick-up, weight and handle size to suit your grip, and as an optional extra, your initials and a date of your choice can also be stamped into the shoulder.


If you're not sure which bat would suit you, the bespoke service is a fantastic option.

We can discuss your playing style, shot play, level of cricket and formats of the game you play and look at your age, height, strength and build. Based on the information you provide, we will handcraft a bat that’s perfect for your game.

Bespoke service price:
£50 plus the price of your chosen cricket bat.

The bespoke experience can also be purchased as a gift.