As a parent it’s important to recognise the equipment requirements of your junior cricketer. Selecting the right cricket equipment is vitally important to support your young cricketer’s development and technique. 

Junior Cricket Bats 

The size and weight of a junior cricket bat is the most important consideration. Our bat size guide page is the best starting point to discern the correct size. It is important to understand that a junior bat must not be too big or too heavy as this may impair manoeuvrability and technical development. 

Youth Cricket Bats 

For teenage cricketers who sit in between the largest junior size harrow (HRW) and adult size short handle (SH) we offer the academy (ACD) and super short handle (SSH). These cricket bats are ideal for the transitional stage and will be lighter than your average adult bat. As mentioned above, it is vital that the cricket bat is not too heavy as for a developing cricketer, this can hinder technique and development.  

Batting Pads 

Our junior batting pads come in a range of sizes. Our size guide page is a great reference point showing the important instep to knee length measurements which will help you to select the correct size. We also offer a small adult cricket pad which provides our youth cricketers with batting pads that fit between the junior and adult size. 

Batting Gloves 

Chase junior cricket gloves are available in a range of sizes. Our size guide page is a great reference point showing the important wrist to longest finger length measurements. We also offer a small adult cricket glove which provides our youth cricketers with batting gloves that are ideal when your young cricketer is in between the junior and adult size. 

Wicket Keeping 

If your young cricketer wishes to become a wicket keeper, they will need pads and gloves to keep their hands and legs protected. If they are playing hardball cricket, we also recommend they use a helmet. Please use our size guide to select the correct size wicket keeping equipment. 

Thigh Pad 

Our thigh pad comes in a junior and small adult size. If you have a particularly tall youth player there is also an adult size available. 

Abdo Guard 

We provide abdominal guards for both boys and girls. The abdo guard is also known as a “box”. This is an important consideration for every parent. To use the abdo guard safely you will need to source some trunks or pants that are designed to use in conjunction with this protection. They are designed with a front pouch, where you position the box. This is an essential piece of protective equipment when participating in hardball cricket.  

Protective Equipment Legal Requirements (PPE Regulations)  

We understand that as a parent your main consideration is the safety of your young cricketer. We are proud to be leading the cricket industry in providing fully certified cricket pads and gloves in line with compulsory Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) regulations. Your cricketers are in safe hands with us, when it comes to our cricket protection, safety is at the forefront. More information click here.

Cricket Helmets 

A cricket helmet is a vital piece of protective gear. It is an essential requirement for junior crickets playing hardball cricket. Cricket helmets offer increased protection for the face, sides and the back of head, ensuring ultimate protection for your young cricketer.  

Cricket Bag 

We have a selection of both duffle bags and wheelie cricket bags available. The main considerations are, will the bag store all the required kit? is it preferable to carry the cricket bag on both shoulders? or is it more functional if you can wheel it along the ground. 

Would you like to get a bat fitted for your young cricketer?

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