Experienced cricketers know that when looking for a new cricket bat they need to focus on how it feels in their hands, the balance, pick-up and undoubtedly the performance. They must also consider the weight and if the profile suits their style of play.

These factors seem to be at the forefront however, cricketers forget to look at where the bat has come from and don't know the answers to key questions such as how do you recognise if the willow is good quality? How do I check the quality of the workmanship? How do I know that the bat will last? If anything goes wrong is my cricket bat covered by a warranty? Who do I contact if something goes wrong? 

Cricket bats are made from different willow. English willow grown in the UK is considered the best wood. Despite these different types of willow such as Kashmir and Serbian willow have found their way into bat manufacturing, but this has been regarded as reducing the durability of the cricket bat. This willow can be dryer and more susceptible to damage. 

There are now only a small number of authentic cricket bat manufacturers within the UK. 

When purchasing a Chase cricket bat, it is important to consider our full range, which is the best profile for you and that you take time over your decision.

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