At our workshop in Dummer we provide a comprehensive bat repair
 service for all makes of bat, ranging from an end of season
 refurbishment to a major repair. We'll assess the wear or damage to your bat and are usually
 able to make a significant improvement, whatever damage 
has been done...



Sending us your cricket bat couldn’t be easier,
simply download and print* the
Fill in your details and send along 
with your bat to:
Chase Cricket Limited, Calving Barn, Dummer Down Farm,
 Dummer, Hampshire, RG25 2AR

*If sending multiple bats, please fill out and attach a form to each bat
 detailing requirements.


When we have received your cricket bat, we will contact you to
 discuss the repairs needed. Once the work has been completed we
 will contact you to arrange payment before dispatching it back to you
 – please allow approximately 7–10 days turnaround.

If you would like to discuss your repair/refurbishment needs, please 
call us on 01256 397499 or email us at


At the discretion of the manufacturer, Chase Cricket
offers a warranty against any fault in the manufacturing or defective materials for a period of 12 months, from date of purchase.

Proof of purchase must be provided to the original place of purchase before any warranty work is considered.

Should you believe a warranty claim applies to your product then the bat should be returned to the respective retail store where it was purchased and upon their jurisdiction the bat will be returned to us for inspection.

The receipt of purchase must be returned with the bat for any claim to be valid. Our warranty does not include the following: misuse, insufficient knocking-in and preparation, superficial surface cracking, damaged edges or toe, alterations or excessive use.

In any case of a replacement product being offered, the
remaining warranty period on the existing bat will be carried over to the new bat.

My bat is over a year old. Is it covered
under the Chase Cricket warranty?

Chase Cricket bats over 12 months old (from
the date of purchase) are not covered under warranty however we can still help with the repair.

I have damaged my cricket bat

Take immediate action and withdrawal the bat
from play. It is vital that the repairs are carried out by professional bat makers.

I don't have my proof of purchase?

Proof of purchase (receipt) must be provided to the original place of purchase before any warranty work is considered.

I purchased my cricket bat from one of your stockists. Is it covered under warranty?

All warranty claims MUST be returned to the place of purchase, with receipt of original purchase. It is here where the first assessment will be made.

Can I get my Chase Cricket bat repaired elsewhere?

Chase Cricket is unable
to guarantee that repair work carried out by non-approved repairers will be suitable. We always advise returning your cricket bat to us for its yearly service and any repairs.

I have used my cricket bat once but its too heavy. Can I return it?

We are unable to accept returns if a cricket bat has been used, however a weight reduction or rebalance can be a great way to remedy the situation. Contact us for more information.

My cricket bat has cracks on the face and edge. Is this covered under warranty?

Superficial face and edge marks will almost certainly appear, together with indentations or bruising of the willow on all cricket bats. In these circumstances there is no need to worry as the durability and performance of the cricket bat will not be affected. This is general wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.

For further information | 01256 397 499 | 07826 413384