preparing my chase cricket bat

knocking in

All Chase Cricket bats are pressed, passed through our knocking in machine and tested by hand, however they still require additional preparation.

We recommend that you take further time knocking-in your cricket bat.

Preparing your bat for play

What is knocking in?

This fibres of the willow in the face and edges are compressed together to form a barrier, which protects the bat against the impact of the ball. This will significantly improve the performance, prevent damage, and increase the lifespan of the bat. 

How do I knock in a cricket bat?

The “knocking in” process should be undertaken carefully, using a good quality mallet, which can be purchased here (link)  The bat should be repeatedly struck (with gradually increasing force) in all areas where you would normally expect to hit the ball. Particular attention should be given to the edges. The edges and toe should not be struck directly at right angles to the blade as this will likely cause damage. This process should take in the region of four to six hours.

We advise you have some throw downs in the nets ideally with bowling machine balls or good quality old cricket balls. However, if the seam marks the blade, it is necessary for further knocking in. 

Cricket Bat Knocking In Hand


why do i need to knock-in my cricket bat

The process of knocking in is to prepare the cricket bat for play. This process brings the bat up to a standard where it can withstand the repeated impact of a cricket ball. A brand new cricket bat that has not been prepared may not withstand the often forceful impact that occurs when hitting a cricket ball. If you do not knock in your bat, its strength and durability will be weak.

Do I need to knock in my new Chase Cricket bat?

Cricket bats purchased directly from our workshop in Hampshire or via our website will come fully knocked in* with anti-scuff and rubber toe guard applied. However we recommend you take further time preparing your cricket bat.

*This is a chargeable service on R1’s, Sale and
Reconditioned bats

I purchased my Chase Cricket bat from one of your retailers, do I need to knock it in?

All our stockists have their own procedures for knocking-in. We advise you check directly with the retailer from which you purchased your new Chase Cricket bat.

My cricket bat hasn’t been knocked in – what do I do? 

Chase Cricket offers a full knocking in service. For more information click on the link below




the year ahead

things to consider

Does my cricket bat need a yearly service?

To maximise the life of your cricket bat it is important to maintain it. We recommend you go over your bat thoroughly and check for any excessive wear or damage periodically. Many cracks are from general wear and tear, will not affect the performance of the bat and can be addressed by having a full refurbishment.

A cricket bat should have a service at least once a year. This
should increase more frequently dependent on the amount of cricket being played.

To further increase the longevity of your bat, Chase offer a full bat service and repairs program.


Do I need to oil my cricket bat?

The main purpose of oiling is to maintain moisture levels within the wood, thus reducing the chances of splits and cracks.

How do I oil my cricket bat?

You can use Chase Cricket bat wax to oil your cricket bat. Apply a light coat to the face, edges toe and back of the blade, taking care to
avoid the Chase stickers.

Each coat should be allowed to dry into the blade in a horizontal position before the next is applied.

Do I need a cricket bat cover?

Yes we recommend using a cricket bat cover to prevent potential damage from knocks and scrapes.

sanding and waxing my own cricket bat

bat maintenance at home

Twice during the course of a season you should lightly sand your bat with fine sandpaper and apply a single coat of bat wax to protect. Once the oil has completely dried, a sheet of anti-scuff can be used. At Chase we highly recommend a facing is added to increase the life and performance of the bat.


Sanding Cricket Bat

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At the discretion of the manufacturer, Chase Cricket offers a warranty against any fault in the manufacturing or defective materials for a period of 12 months. Should you believe a warranty claim applies to your product then the bat should be returned to the respective retail store where it was purchased and upon their jurisdiction the bat will be returned to us for inspection.

The receipt of purchase must be returned with the bat for any claim to be valid. Our warranty does not include the following: misuse, insufficient knocking-in and preparation, superficial surface cracking, damaged edges or toe, alterations or excessive use. In any case of a replacement product being offered, the remaining warranty period on the existing bat will be carried over to the new bat.

Quite simply, we hope that your Chase Cricket bat inspires you and your game as we have been inspired in its manufacture.