R11 Finback | Grade One | Adult Cricket Bat


Grade 1 English Willow | Feather light pick-up

Perfect for every shot

The semi scooped flanks of the Chase Finback cricket bat provide feather light pick-up, allowing for increasing control and a quick reaction time. It's the perfect cricket bat to play both touch shots and attacking drives.

  • Semi-scooped flanks for feather light pick-up | Maximum performance.
  • Mid-blade sweet spot | Perfect for every shot.
  • Traditional face profile | To maximise performance.
  • Traditional semi-oval handle | For ultimate comfort and control.
  • Angled toe | Prevents feathering caused by tapping down.
  • Acetone sealant applied to the toe | Prevents water damage.
  • Traditional embossed chevron grip
  • Available in | ACD, SSH, SH, LB, LH, LG
  • PROTECTION PACK – highly recommended
    [Oil & Knocking in + Anti Scuff + Toe Guard] LIMITED TIME OFFER FREE OF CHARGE. WORTH £52.
  • Anti-Scuff +£9
  • Fitted Rubber Toe Guard +£11
  • Bat Wax +£9
  • Second Fitted Grip +£7


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