When looking for new pads and gloves you need to consider the level of protection they provide, have they been through the mandatory testing? do they conform to legal requirements? are they comfortable? do they fit well? are you drawn to the design and is there a price that meets your budget. 

Chase Cricket equipment is exceptional quality. With comfort at the core, outstanding design, and the highest level of protection, it’s all you need to be ready to perform when it matters. With price points to suit all budgets, without compromising on our core values you can find Chase Cricket pads and gloves to suit both your game and your wallet.

Do Chase Cricket gloves and cricket pads offer a good level of protection?

Chase batting gloves and Chase batting pads have been designed and constructed in line with safety requirements of PPE legislation. They have been through the appropriate testing and certification process, providing you with the protection you need to stay safe and give you peace of mind. 

Do all cricket pads and gloves need to be tested?

Yes! It is a legal requirement for all manufacturers and cricket brands to have their cricket pads and cricket gloves tested. The PPE regulations are in place to ensure that only safe and effective products are placed on the market. Cricketing equipment can no longer be self-certified and must be tested by an independent testing body. 

Are Chase Cricket pads and gloves comfortable?

Our cricket batting gloves are ergonomically designed to keep your hands comfortable even when batting for long periods at the crease. Chase Cricket batting pads are designed with a traditional cane construction for maximum shock absorption and a side wing for extra protection.

Will Chase Cricket pads provide a good fit?

Our cricket batting pads allow flexibility and movement to help you perform at your best. With compact design, our cricket pads wrap comfortably around your legs and still provide excellent protection. 

How do I look after my batting pads and batting gloves?

It is important to monitor your cricketing equipment throughout the season and ensure it is stored appropriately when not in use. Cricket pads and gloves can easily get damaged in your cricket bag, this can result in the items becoming marked, torn or split. 

Where can I buy Chase Cricket equipment?

With a comprehensive range of cricket gear including handmade cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket pads, cricket protective equipment, cricket bags and cricketing accessories, we have everything you need. Visit our cricket shop and workshop in Hampshire for a cricket experience like no other or shop via our website. Whether at our cricket shop or online store, our friendly team are always on hand to provide you with expert advice.