Want to buy a cricket bat but not sure where to start? Buying a cricket bat is a big investment, so it’s always a good idea to carry out some forward planning.

Experience | Have you previously played cricket? If so, you will understand the game and what you are looking for in a bat. If not our team of experts can support, you and provide advice on the bat best dependent on your playing style. 

Planning | If you’re buying for a junior player, consider the type of bat they may need in the next year, will they be playing at a higher level, how much will they be growing before they play cricket again?

Finances | Cricket bats range in prices depending on the quality of the cricket bat, grade of willow, age and size of the cricket player and any specific requirements. The quality of the cricket bat and workmanship will be reflected in the price. English willow is expensive however the quality can vary significantly between different brands. You may pay a little more when buying direct from a British manufacturer however the quality of the craftsmanship is second to none. We do offer a range of payment options including Klarna. Contact us for more information.

Do your research I If you buy from an authentic English cricket bat manufacturer you should get an excellent after care service, 12-month warranty and support if you need to get in contact. There are many cricket bat brands who state they make their cricket bats, whilst only part make.  Part made bats are often shipped in from overseas, which can put doubt in your mind as to the quality of the willow and craftsmanship. In these circumstances it is always best to check with them directly so you can be clear where the bat was originally sourced from. Here at Chase Cricket, we source our willow from JS Wrights who have plantations throughout the south of England. Our cricket bats are manufactured from these clefts, they are meticulously handcrafted by our bat makers in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. 

The legal bit | Cricket is a sport loved and enjoyed by people of all ages. There is a consensus that it should be played within the "spirit of cricket" however there are also laws in place to govern the game including restrictions when manufacturing cricket bats, including limits on blade length and width of the cricket bat. The legal requirements are set out clearly here  The Laws of Cricket | MCC (lords.org)